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2016 – Wales Year of Adventure

Several months ago it was decided that to better promote Wales Tourism (which is one of the fastest growing across the UK) and to give a campaign some focus that 2016 would be Wales Year of Adventure. This theming of future years will promote many of Wales’s greatest strengths. There will inevitably be a focus on activities, events and attractions and on many of the unique qualities that Welsh tourism offers.

Here at Old Oak Barn it is true that our visitors often sit back and relax and enjoy the farm and woodlands on site BUT many do trek off for at least a day or two to do something specific – to have an adventure infact that they will remember for years to come! There is lots of information already on this website which has always had a focus on what there is to DO in this part of Wales. So if you are thinking about your next holiday and would like any help at all in deciding what to do or where to go then please get in touch.

2016 Wales year of Adventure

Following The Year of Adventure in 2016 will be The Year of Legends in 2017 followed by The Year of the Sea in 2018.

In other words for next year at least Wales is being promoted as the world’s home of adventure. It is very exciting I think to see it has secured the backing of two massive extreme sportsmen and prominent adventurers, Bear Grylls and Richard Parks.

Both have agreed to be Adventure Ambassadors for Wales in 2016. Bear Grylls - supports Wales Year of Adventure 20161094047_10151803090339228_1692876220_oBoth the photos have been taken from Bear Grylls and Richard Parks facebook pages – the former has over 6 million likes!!

You can read more about the campaign here