Folly Farm Accommodation

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Folly Farm Accommodation – If you are planning to visit Folly Farm this summer why not choose a holiday cottage within an easy drive from this great Welsh attraction! Visitors staying with us here at Old Oak Barn especially if they have children nearly always go to the Park – many take advantage of the “boomerang” voucher paying only half price entry fee if returning for a second visit within a week.

Opening Hours at Folly Farm

  • 0 February – 04 November, 10am – 5pm, every day (during our local Easter, Whitsun and Summer school holidays we stay open until 5.30pm for even more fun!)
  • 10 November – 23 December, 10am – 4pm, Saturdays and Sundays only
  • We’re closed completely from 24 December 2018 until 05 January 2019

Take a look at the map below which will give you a great idea of the huge range of attractions and activities now open at Folly Farm.

Folly Farm Accommodation

2018 prices are valid until 15 February 2019. This year, there has been an increase in the  online discount so you can now save 15% by buying our day entry tickets online.  Annual pass prices again.

Gate price Online price Annual pass
Adult £15.50 £13.18 £45.00
Child (3-15 years) £13.50 £11.48 £40.00
Toddler (aged 2) £6.50 £5.53 £15.00
Under 2 Free Free Free
Senior (60+) £13.50 £11.48 £40.00
Disabled adult £13.50 £11.48 £40.00
Disabled child £11.50 £9.78 £35.00
Disabled toddler £5.50 £4.68 £12.00
Disabled senior £11.50 £9.78 £35.00

These photos were taken by visitors staying here. The giraffes are always popular but our favourite has to be the little penguins! You cannot fail but be entertained by them as they swoop in and out of the water.

Lions at Folly FarmWe are nearly full this summer here at Old Oak Barn but we do have one week in July and one week in August still available – you can check out availability by clicking above on the Booking and Availability tab.

Ash dieback – Chalara

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Ash dieback

Chalara disease also known as Ash dieback  was first reported officially in the immediate area surrounding Old Oak Barn in 2015. Today there is a very wide range of healthy trees in the woods.  Sadly we, like many woodland owners, are now dealing with what will almost certainly turn out to be a significant tree disease of this century – Ash Dieback.  Hymenoscyphus fraxineus is an Ascomycete fungus that causes ash dieback, a chronic fungal disease of ash trees in Europe characterised by leaf loss and crown dieback in infected trees. This winter we have begun taking out infected trees many of which we planted here in 1998. Initially they grew very well but in the last two or three years it has become obvious they are diseased. Infact there is hardly a single Ash tree in this part of the world that is not affected. The picture below shows some of the felled ash in March 2018.

Ash dieback

You can read more about this threatening disease here!

What other trees grow in Cwmpalis Woods?

The woods here are predominantly hardwood. It was almost certainly clearfelled during the first world war 1914-1918 so there are very few trees which are over 100 years old. Subsequent plantings have been undertaken in 1998 and in 2005 covering approximately 5 to 6 acres in total. They have been very sensitively managed since we arrived here in 1988 and indeed one of the main factors in helping us decide to buy the farm was the presence of the lovely 40 acre Semi Natural Ancient Woodland. It is quite a landmark in the locality and is easily visible from the A40 as you begin to drop down into St Clears from the east. We are fortunate to have  mainly south facing land. The woods of course are managed under strict National Assembly for Wales regulations with licenses running and sometimes work is undertaken under specific grant aided schemes.

The list includes:-






European Larch

Japanese Larch



Crab Apple

Norwegian Spruce


Common Alder

Red Alder


Small Leaf Lime

Douglas Fir


We encourage all our visitors to wander in the woods on the many woodland trails and weather permitting we offer a 4 by 4 trip in the truck also which is very popular. However this winter has been one of the wettest on record and the land is far too wet still to go far around the circuit.

This photo below shows Old Oak Barn in the foreground with the main woods clearly visible behind.

Ash dieback

National Botanic Garden Carmarthenshire Discount Vouchers

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National Botanic Garden Carmarthenshire Discount Vouchers

National Botanic Garden Carmarthenshire Discount Vouchers

We’ve got National Botanic Garden discount vouchers for all Old Oak Barn visitors.

National Botanic Garden Carmarthenshire Discount Vouchers

Less than half an hour from Old Oak Barn you will find the National Botanic Gardens of Wales, one of Carmarthenshire county’s premier attractions and highly recommended for a very interesting day out.  If you would like to visit we can give you this voucher which will get two adults in for only £11.

National Botanic Garden Carmarthenshire Discount Vouchers

There are lots of wonderful events planned for 2018!  If you would like us to post the Garden’s new events brochure for this Spring 2018 please ask and we will happily send one on.

National Botanic Garden Carmarthenshire Discount Vouchers

One treat for little ones will be the planned Disney film “Jungle Book” at the open air cinema on Saturday 30 June! That date is already in my diary!

Click on this Map to see the exact location of the gardens.


5 Reasons to visit the Boat House Laugharne

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Boat House Laugharne

Boat House Laugharne

When staying with us here at Old Oak Barn it is very likely you will pop down to Laugharne and visit the Boat House where Dylan Thomas once lived with his young family. The writing shed is on the footpath going to the Boathouse and you will enjoy peering through the window to see where Dylan Thomas penned some of his works for example “Over Sir John’s Hill”

The tea room is open all year round and when the sun shines it is a treat to sit on the terrace overlooking the estuary and enjoy some freshly prepared soup or even a cream tea. Almost everything is prepared and cooked on site in the tiny kitchen. You will probably see or hear lapwings, egrets, ducks, redshanks, herons, oystercatchers and even barn owls.  The terrace has breathtaking views of the Taf estuary and the Gower beyond. On a clear day you can see for miles.

Boat House LaugharneBoat House Laugharne

Boat House Laugharne

Boat House Laugharne










As well as the tearoom, there is a furnished front parlour, an upstairs exhibition area showing a 24 minute film, a shop and toilet facilities.  The Boat House Laugharne is closely associated with Dylan Thomas and it is where he enjoyed some relative stability with his family and he was of course very creative in his writing. There are people sill in the village today who remember him even though he died many years ago in 1953.

The Boat House is open every day of the year except Christmas – please check for exact opening hours which although daily are reduced in the winter months.  Note – the walkway from the free car park is very accessible including for those with pushchairs BUT it ends in a steep flight of steps or a scramble over rocks so do take care if visiting especially wehen it is wet.

Boat House Laugharne

Pethau Olyv

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Pethau Olyv

Pethau Olyv

The window display now features St Davids Day

Pethau Olyv – A new fashion accessories shop has recently opened in St Clears!  The owners come from Ystradgynlais and Trelech being OLive and YVonne hence the name Olyv. I popped in this week looking for a gift and was really impressed with the range of things on display.  Both Olive and Yvonne used to work as psychiatric nurses in Carmarthen when they met many years ago and have now it seems taken a career change! I hope the business is a success!

When staying at Old Oak Barn we often have visitors who like this sort of shop and I can imagine that after a visit to our lovely local charity shop known locally as The Cat Shop they will find themselves next door in Pethau Olyv too.

What does pethau mean? You can find out here!

Pethau Olyv

Original range of bags and jewellery

Pethau Olyv

Scarves in many shades – some of which are organic cotton too










Yvonne was there the day I called and told me their opening hours are Monday to Friday 10 – 5pm and Saturdays 10 – 1pm.

Pethau Olyv

Yvonne on the left and Olive on the right

Pethau Olyv

Some sparkly summer sandals

Visit Pethau Olyv for more information!

Mermaid Buildings, Pentre Road, San Cler, SA33 4LR

07929 551664

07868 420282


We wish Yvonne and Olive good luck with their new shop!

Melin Tregwynt Pembrokeshire

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Melin Tregwynt Pembrokeshire

This amazing mill has been in the same family for many generations and since 1912 and continues to produce the most beautiful items which are now sold around the world. On a recent visit to Melin Tregwynt  Pembrokeshire we also enjoyed a bowl of soup in the cafe. It is tucked away on the north coast of Pembrokeshire and I am sure you will enjoy a visit there too. Last year visitors to Old Oak Barn took back to New Zealand some blankets and a tailored woollen jacket which I am sure they will have for years.

Melin Tregwynt

I’m not too sure who is in this picture but it must be one of the original owners of the mill – (copywright Tregwynt)

Melin Tregwynt Melin Tregwynt








The colours as you can see are wondefrful!

Melin Tregwynt Pembrokeshire is to be found off the A487 Fishguard to St. David’s road at:-

Tregwynt Mill, Castlemorris
Haverfordwest, SA62 5UX
United Kingdom

Visitors can see the mill working from 9.00am – 4.30pm Mon-Friday. Today it employs about 30 people some of whom have worked there all their lives.

Shop/Café opening hours are:

Monday to Friday 9.30 – 5.00
Saturday… 10.00 – 5.00
Sunday…… 11.00 – 4.30

You may wonder if all the wool used is locally sourced – well sadly not but there are plans to reverse this trend. The tradition of weaving in Wales goes way back to the middle ages.  The hills and lowland pastures make for great sheep country and fast running streams provided the power needed in the pre-industrial age. In the early 20th century most small rural mills worked with their local farming communities, processing the raw fleeces, carding and spinning yarn for weaving and knitting and also weaving fabric for everyday clothing (tweed/flannel) or weaving blankets, rugs and the signature Carthenni double weaves for household use. But with the setting up of the British Wool Marketing Board all wool was sold centrally and most ended up in a blended yarn for carpets. Today in a global market wool is sourced worldwide and much of the softer lambswool comes from Australia or New Zealand. However, the Cambrian wool initiative

Its good to know that after several years of hard work, the Cambrian wool initiative is making big steps to use local wool a lot more. And with Melin Tregwynt being a prime partner things look set to change in the future.

Melin Tregwynt Pembrokeshire also make some truly beautiful cushions!

Melin Tregwynt

Melin Tregwynt

Best places to eat in Carmarthenshire

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Best places to eat in Carmarthenshire

– according to Trip Advisor!

Click here to find out where the best places to eat in Carmarthenshire are with the latest reviews as recommended from Trip Advisor!

We think there are a couple missing namely Inn at the Sticks in Llansteffan and Waverleys in Carmarthen plus The Plough in Rhosmaen!  And one of our favourites – The Ferryman deli in Laugharne!  But congratulations to all those on  the list!

It is widely recognised now that within the county of Carmarthenshire we have plenty of good choices for eating out. Be it a friendly cafe or fine dining! If you stay at Old Oak Barn we can certainly help you decide what may suit you best!

Further afield in Pembrokeshire you will be equally tempted with the huge range of establishments many of which are open all year round but one or two open specially for the summer holiday season! It need not cost a fortune to sample the delicious fresh fish and food we have right on our doorstep!  All the photos below were taken of food we had the pleasure of eating!!

Best places to eat in Carmarthenshire

Yummy fresh fish from Wrights

Best places to eat in Carmarthenshire

Haloumi burger and relish

Best places to eat in Carmarthenshire

Almond tart from The Warren

Best places to eat in Carmarthenshire

Sunday lunch at The Sticks





Carmarthen Food Fair

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Carmarthen Food Fair

Gardens of Wales

The Food Fair is being held at The National Botanical Gardens of Wales today and tomorrow! With tasty treats and plenty to cheer up the long, cold month of January.

The event takes place in the stunning surrounds of Lord Foster’s Great Glasshouse on January 20-21 and offers a mouth-watering array of delicious local produce – and entry to the Garden is just £4 per person.

Event organiser David Hardy said: “This is your chance to try and buy anything and everything from raw chocolate to rare breed meat, chilli sauce and cheese; special gin, Spanish tapas, muffins, marshmallows, fruit vinegars and faggots. And there will be plenty of fresh, warm Welsh cakes, too. What’s not to like?!”

While at The Gardens which are less than half an hour from Old Oak Barn you can also of course visit the lovely (and tropical!) Butterfly House which is a must-see, boasting as it does hundreds of exotic, rainforest butterflies from all over the world.

Gates open at 10am and close again at 4.30pm (last entry 3.30pm). There’s no additional charge for the Food Fair and there is plenty of free parking for everyone.

Don’t forget: admission to the Garden is FREE on weekdays in January – perfect for a winter stroll in the wonderful Carmarthenshire countryside.

For more information about this and other Garden events visit our website, email or call 01558 667149.

Food Fair

Laugharne Weekend 2018

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Laugharne Weekend 2018

Laugharne Festival 2018

Next year’s festival will take place on April 6-8.

At the moment we have space that week starting on Friday April 6th for £495 for 7 nights or on a pro rata basis for a long weekend Friday through to the Monday for 3 nights at Old Oak Barn  The barn sleeps four and is very comfortable – in beautiful surroundings approx 10 minutes from Laugharne.

There look to be lots of wonderful musicians, poets, sporting legends and popular artists appearing!

The easiest way to keep up to date is to go to the Laugharne Facebook Page by clicking right here!

Tickets can be bought here

The usual venues within the town will be:-

The Millennium/Memorial Hall
The Congregational Church
The Browns Marquee
The Fountain Inn

Laugharne Weekend 2018

February Half Term 2018

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February Half Term 2018

There are two half term options across Wales and England next February! Some schools break up on Friday 9th for a week and some have the following week beginning their half term on Friday 16th and returning to school on Monday 26th February! Here in Carmarthenshire I believe the children have the second week off.

If you would like to come and stay for the week we are charging just £325 for 7 nights or £200 for 4 nights. We do not put our prices up at all during this half term and all weeks from 26th January through to 23rd March are £325 inclusive. There is lots to do and traditionally Folly Farm opens albeit on a reduced basis. In 2018 it will be open every day from Saturday 10 February. Did you know there are over 750 animals at Folly Farm now! I doubt we will have snow at Old Oak Barn and if we do it won’t last!

February Half Term 2018

February Half Term 2018

The first week from Friday 9th has now been booked – and 4 nights of the second week,  but we have three nights from Friday 16th Feb until the Monday for only £180.

So, What else is there to do during half term week?  Apart from enjoying the woods here, having a camp fire, paddling in the sea or spending a whole day here on the farm playing some of the great choice of games available in the games cupboard?

Some ideas for you! These include our favourite places open all year round.



Plough Rhosmaen

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Plough Rhosmaen

Visitors who stay at Old Oak Barn nearly always venture west to the beautiful county of Pembrokeshire with Tenby being a must!  However, I always recommend a visit east as well and where better to end up than at The Plough Rhosmaen just a few minutes from the centre of Llandeilo. The Plough is perfect for afternoon tea or lunch or an evening meal after a day at Aberglasney,The National Botanic Gardens of Wales or Carreg Cennan Castle.

With views looking across the Towy Valley, Llandeilo is a thriving centre and where better to relax and unwind than somewhere overlooking this pretty part of Carmarthenshire – such as The Plough Rhosmaen.

The Plough Rhosmaen

A popular four star boutique hotel, The Plough is also an award winning restaurant set in the beautiful countryside just at the edge of the Brecon Beacons in the county of Carmarthenshire. It’s location is perfect and I am reliably told that when large events such as The Royal Welsh Agricultural Show in July and Brecon Jazz are on then the restaurant is bound to be busy with passing travellers calling in for food.

The Plough Rhosmaen

We ourselves have always found the service to be outstanding at The Plough Rhosmaen. In addition the quality and range of food is excellent. Vegetarians are especially well catered for. On a summer’s day we love to sit on the terrace and in winter the inside is perfectly cosy and warm.

The Plough Rhosmaen

The Plough Rhosmaen









The Plough Rhosmaen take conservation and their responsibilities towards the environment seriously and have recently been awarded a Green Dragon Level 2 Award. For example they say they monitor their carbon footprint closely, and like many first class pubs and restaurants in the county are especially keen to source from local suppliers wherever possible, keeping food miles low.

Phone 01558823431 to book a table or find out anymore information about this highly recommended restaurant. Afternoon teas are out of this world too …. but be warned … arrive hungry allowing plenty of time to relax and unwind!

St Crannog’s Statue

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St Crannog’s Statue – Llangrannog

St Crannog’s statue Llangrannog stands tall and proud over the small seaside village.

St Crannog's Statue

This lovely resort on the north coast of Ceredigion is less than an hour from Old Oak Barn.

A few years a go a huge bronze statue was carved and placed overlooking the small bay. It is impressive! It commemorates St Crannog and was created by the talented and well known sculptor Sebastien Boyesen, who lives in Llangrannog

It is said that Crannog was the grandson of Ceredig, a 5th century Prince of Ceredigion. He developed a religious community and settlement close to the present site of the small church in Llangranog. He travelled the Celtic world, establishing religious communities in Somerset, Cornwall, Brittany and Ireland.  Another myth speaks of the rock on the beach which is clearly visible in the photo beneath as being a tooth which was spat out by Bica the giant when he suffered a bad toothache! He too  lived in the Ceredigion area.


St Crannog's statue

St Crannog's Statue


Bica’s tooth is visible again in this very old photo of local fisherman.

Llangrannog (sometimes spelt as Llangranog) is a small, coastal village and seaside resort in Ceredigion, Wales, 6 miles (10 km) southwest of New Quay. It lies in the narrow valley of the River Hawen, which falls as a waterfall near the middle of the village, and is on the Ceredigion Coast Path. It is very popular and the walks to and from Llangrannog are spectacular on the Coast Path. Parking is limited in the village itself but there is an efficient park and ride from the top of the village. The cafes and pubs in the village do a roaring trade and are open limited hours in the winter months.

St Crannog's Statue

Aberglasney Winter Fair 2017

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Aberglasney Winter Fair 2017

One of Carmarthenshire‘s if not Wales’s biggest and most popular Christmas Fairs begins on Friday 1st December at 11 a.m – The Aberglasney Winter Fair 2017.

Don’t miss this wonderful annual event!

Aberglasney Winter Fair

We love visiting Aberglasney all year round and this particular event has grown to be increasingly popular for locals and for those from further afield.  Obviously there will be fewer flowers in the beautiful borders but there is still the chance of a breathtaking walk within the grounds.

Aberglasney Winter Fair 2017

At the moment we have space at Old Oak Barn for that weekend – please email for more details.


Llandeilo Festival Senses

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Festival of  Senses

Llandeilo Festival  Senses in 2017

Llandeilo Festival Senses


Llandeilo Festival of Senses is an annual free pre Christmas festival.  Located some 20 miles from Old Oak Barn the other side of Carmarthen, the very popular festival encompasses the towns shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants as well as offering Craft and fashion stalls, food stalls, buskers, entertainment and more.  Join the crowds in Llandeilo on the 17th – 19th of November, and get yourself in the Festive spirit!

There will be over 80 stalls this year with plenty of variety – many are located in the town centre – the map below gives an idea of what’s what!

Llandeilo Festival Senses
At the moment we have space for that middle weekend of November for anyone wanting to enjoy the Festival. The barn sleeps 4 quite comfortably and is very spacious inside.
Llandeilo Festival Senses
If coming to stay in Carmarthenshire soon for this festival and you decide to stay with us we also recommend a visit to Aberglasney, The Gardens of Wales and Dynevor House all of which are within easy reach of Old Oak Barn.
We can also point you in the direction of some wonderful places to eat such as Wrights Food Emporium,
The Warren, Inn at The Sticks in Llanstefan and The Plough at Rhosmaen.

Towy Valley Cycle Path

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Towy Valley Cycle Path

Who wouldn’t want to walk or cycle along the River Towy as in the picture below!

Twoy Valley Cycle Path

Looking east towards Dryslwyn from Paxton’s Tower

The views in this part of Wales are out of this world and it is no surprise that at last a proper walkway/cycle route is being developed in the Towy Valley. Plans are now well underway for the Carmarthenshire cycle route/footpath which will link Carmarthen with Llandeilo. It follows an almost adjacent route to that of the River Tywi also spelt Towy.

The path will link in with major tourist attractions through the stunning Tywi Valley countryside.  These popular tourist attractions include of course Aberglasney and Dinefwr

A fantastic aerial shoot has been released – click here

The 16 mile Towy Valley Cycle Path path will cost between £5 and £8 million, and a strong set of partners and stakeholders are being formed with funding in place from Welsh Government and the council. It will also give people a sustainable and healthy travel option, connecting with villages between the two main towns. It is anticipated that this will bring in thousands more visitors into the county and we think some of our visitors here at Old Oak Barn will want to enjoy the walk too. The project will inevitably create a number of jobs which will also be a boost to the local economy.

The path is being developed in phases. Initial works have already taken place between Fronun and Bwlch Bach, near the concrete works in Abergwili.  Talks with landowners are ongoing, and various grant applications are still being prepared and submitted. The timeline for opening has not yet been released but lets hope it is not too far in the future!

Towy Valley Cycle Path

Walkers Are Welcome took the photo above which shows Llandeilo looking west down the valley with Paxtons Tower in the distance.