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Caerphilly Castle

Caerphilly Castle

Caerphilly Castle is about an hour and a half from Old Oak Barn and sometimes visitors drop in enroute to Carmarthenshire. Or wander by on their way home as it is only 5 minutes off the M4. Built during the reign of Henry 111 it is considered by many to be the finest example of a Medieval Castle in the country.  Like the famous cheese, the castle has long been synonymous with Caerphilly. It dominates and hogs the limelight. Think slumbering giant awaiting a call to arms. It’s also a great backdrop for TV and film. It secured a starring role recently in the popular BBC TV series Merlin. Today lots of geese and ducks graze the surrounding grass. Those who have stayed at Old Oak Barn will know that we love especially Greylag Geese which also live on our pond in the Spring and Summer months. Maybe they overwinter beneath the castle!

Greylag Geese near Caerphilly Castle

20141220_145220         Wedding car at Caerphilly CastleChildren will love visiting the castle which is open all year round.   Taking children here is relatively easy as there is so much to see and they can explore the many walkways linking the main parts of the castle together. They will be fascinated by the pigeons living in the towers and enjoy strolling around the banks of the moats. There is also a display of siege machinery on the site with catapults to play with!  The great hall is still used for events including weddings and when we visited in December happened to catch sight of a wedding.  There are toilets and a gift shop on site, but no food available so make other arrangements for lunch. Visit for more info Kids and Castles.  The day we went we popped into a charming tea room in the town for delicious snacks at lunchtime.

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