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Carmarthen Food Assembly

While you are staying at Old Oak Barn why not start your holiday with a locally sourced organic veg box? If you are staying for a week this summer and would like to buy some organic veggies grown in the local area then please get in touch with me and I shall arrange to buy this for you through the Carmarthen Food Assembly.

Carmarthen Food Assembly

These days many people care deeply where they can best source their food and although we have always recycled plastic waste here at Old Oak Barn it is still very satisfying to collect products which have limited packaging and zero plastic.

Currently there are 18 producers who live on average 16 Miles from Carmarthen selling 516 local products.

I cannot organise a big shop for you but I am quite happy to source their veg box which I would pick up from Carmarthen on Thursday evening ready for your stay which would begin on the Friday.  I need to order this by the Monday before your arrival and can only offer this service to visitors staying for a week or longer at the moment.

An organic, fresh and delicious selection of seasonal Welsh produce. The boxed selection will feed a family of 2 or 4 for a week. All items are grown on Blaencamel Organic Farm which is carbon neutral and award winning! It is north of Carmarthen near Aberaeron and has long been established as a leader in the growing of organic fruit, vegetable and herbs too. Funnily enough we used to visit the farm back in 1975 when it was just getting going!

The contents will vary throughout the year depending on which crops are in season which ensures you get the freshest seasonal produce and eat a varied diet throughout your stay. Ordering this veg selection removes the sometimes tricky decision about what to order and you can create your meals around the veg you receive!

At the moment the selection typically includes new carrots, new potatoes, strawberries, a mixed salad pack, spinach, baking/roasting potatoes, green garlic, parsley and more!

7kg – 9kg for a family of 4 will cost approx £15.50

4kg – 5.5kg for 2 people will cost approx £11.50

The Assembly here in Carmarthen has been up and running for just over a year now and is surely a good way to think about how and where to buy your food. If I have extra in my organic vegetable plot I always offer visitors something fresh to try. There is usually a glut of tomatoes and cucumbers in the summer and sometimes lettuce and spinach leaves too.  All these photos below were taken in my veg garden in June 2018. Everything growing well in the hot weather during May.

Carmarthen Food Assembly

Carmarthen Food AssemblyCarmarthen Food Assembly