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Easter Opening?

Today the First Minister has made more announcements at his regular briefing about the prospects for an Easter Opening. Many are wondering if Old Oak Barn will be able to reopen in time for Easter! The answer to this is we still do not know. It has been hinted that there is a chance but we do not know for sure. Self catering accommodation such as ours is probably first in line to be allowed to reopen …… but will it be in early April? Read about the latest news here

Easter Opening?
Easter Eggs!

At the moment we are booked from 12 April ….. but things change very fast and if for example travel remains restricted for some across the UK it is quite possible we may have cancellations! As things stand at the moment we have plenty of space in May although the summer is nearly full.

We look forward to opening when we can – but for now Old Oak Barn remains empty.


Easter week is now available BUT we do not yet know if visitors from Wales may be able to stay ….. following the announcement on 22 Feb that travel will not be allowed from England before 12 April, Easter week was cancelled because the family was from Manchester. If you live in Wales and would like to reserve Easter week please get in touch.

Phone 07787148884 or email me for more details –

Easter Opening