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Eisteddfod 2014!

The National Eisteddfod  is coming to Carmarthenshire on 1 August for a week at the festival Fields in the Millenium Coastal Park near Llanelli.

The Eisteddfod is without doubt one of the world’s most significant cultural festivals and is usually held during the first week of August. It has not come to the county for 14 years! It is anticipated that over 150,000 visitors will flock to the area for a great week which will celebrate the Welsh language and infact everything Welsh!


 But what does the word Eisteddfod actually mean?

According to “Ask” Eisteddfod is a Welsh word that means ‘session’. The term is coined from two words; eistedd which means ‘sit’ and bod which means ‘be. Eisteddfod also denotes any of several annual Welsh festivals that involve artistic competitions.And according to Wikipedia it the tradition of a meeting of Welsh artists dates back to at least the 12th century, when a festival of poetry and music was held by Rhys ap Gruffydd of Deheubarth at his court in Cardigan in 1176 but, with the decline of the bardic tradition, it fell into abeyance. The present-day format owes much to an eighteenth-century revival arising out of a number of informal eisteddfodau. The closest English equivalent to eisteddfod is “session”; the word is formed from two Welsh morphemes: eistedd, meaning “sit”, and bod, meaning “be”.

If visiting the area during the first week of August why not call in for the day or you can get in at a cheaper rate from 4pm onwards.


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