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Rough swirl near Ramsey where porpoises gather

Rough swirl near Ramsey where porpoises gather

We had a fantastic day seeing Gannets and other wildlife off Ramsey and Grassholm in brilliant sunshine. Launching from St Justinians with Thousand Islands Boat Trips   Worth every penny.  These photos were taken by a friend and show the wonderful colours and nature at its best. Pembrokeshire has to be one of the perfect destinations for a holiday in the summer.

 Grassholm Gannets!

Gannet colony Grassholm Pembs coast across Bitches from Ramsey GannetGRASSHOLM ISLAND
The most impressive wildlife sight in Pembrokeshire must be the Gannets of Grassholm, one of the largest colonies in the world of its type.It has a massive wingspan of almost 2 metres, making it the largest North Atlantic seabird. During the breeding season, April to September, more than 34,000 breeding pairs nest on the northern side of the island and are protected from the prevailing South Westerly winds. Over many years, their bird droppings have stained the rock white. In consequence, when you approach the island by boat, having travelled 10 miles offshore, it looks very much like a bun sitting on the ocean with icing sugar on top! And the smell is very noticeable too!