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 Cwmpalis woods managed to high standards

Visitors can wander freely in the woods which we own and manage to a high standard adhering to strict woodland good practice.  Licenses always sought for any work and over the past 25 years the woods here have been improved massively in that they continue to thrive and provide a wonderful habitat for wildlife and birds.

WoodlandsVisitors can have a BBQ and picnic in the woods 5 minute walk from Old Oak Barn holiday let in Carmarthenshire.

The log cabin was built over 20 years ago and is a base for the picnic area. Although now getting old we are this winter going to do a bit of a refurb on it!  Look out!!

Old Oak BarnSwings at Old Oak Barn in Cwmpalis Woods!

The small area in the middle of the woods is sunny in mid summer but can be enjoyed by visitors staying at any time of the year.  Please get in touch with us if you would like to come and stay.

Other useful bits of interest about Old Oak Barn.

Short breaks offered out of the main holiday season. Children always welcome too.

We have a new virtual tour on the website now which gives an honest and true picture of the barn! Why not check it out for yourself here at Old Oak barn.

in 2013 we started offering g visitors a ride in the back of the truck 4×4 around the woods and to the top fields on the farm! Just ask if you would like a rIde.

Sustainable tourism at Old Oak Barn Woodlands at Old Oak Barn