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Paxton’s Tower

  • Paxton’s Tower is one of the top ten Carmarthen Tourist Attractions and has free entry.
  • This Carmarthen landmark is a Neo Gothic Folly built to commemorate Lord Nelson.
  • It has some magnificent views across the Towy Valley.

Paxton's Tower

  • Local legend says that this ‘folly’ was built out of spite. Paxton spent thousands of pounds trying to get elected to Parliament in 1802 only to be defeated by 45 votes. He built the tower instead of the bridge across the river Tywi that had been his election promise.
  • A more likely explanation, though, is that the tower was built in the spirit of the times, as a place to wine and dine his guests and take in the panoramic views from this spot.

Paxton's Tower Paxton's Tower