This is a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) we think you will have! Please email if you need our info sheet too!


  • Must we book for a full week?                       No – between September and May we accept short breaks
  • Are children welcome?                                    Yes – more than welcome
  • Do you have wifi?                                             Yes  – and it is included in the price
  • What does the cost include?                          Sheets, Wifi, Electricity, Some basic foods, Cleaning stuff
  • How do I pay?                                                   Online banking or cheque in advance
  • What deposit must I pay?                               £100 at time of booking and full payment 2 mths in advance
  • What time can we arrive?                                Normally everything is ready by 2pm but sometimes earlier
  • Are you open all year?                                      Yes
  • Do you accept dogs?                                         Only in exceptional circumstances
  • How will I get a receipt?                                  We normally email a receipt – and promptly too
  • How far are you from the nearest shop?      About 1 mile
  • Must we book online?                                      No – you can email or phone too
  • Do you have blackout blinds?                        We have new remote controlled solar powered blackout blinds
  • What is you check out time?                           Normally 10.30 a.m. 
  • How green are you?                                          VERY! We take issues of sustainability very seriously and constantly modify    and review our energy usage even though mostly we get energy from the biomass boiler using timber from our own woods. More information on what we do to reduce our carbon footprint is on this website.
  • Will you give us fresh eggs?                            Yes – provided our much loved chickens are laying!


My chickens

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