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When will we reopen?

We do not yet know the answer to this question!

We are closed at the moment for visitors – but have permission from our local authority to allow 2 NHS Key Workers from A and E in Carmarthen to stay here while working.  It is likely they will remain here until early July. I wish we knew when we will reopen to the public!

When Lockdown ends we will reopen for visitors. If you would like us to hold a week for you we will do so without a deposit. Then when the government allows holiday cottages like ours to reopen, we will be back in business! If we cannot open before you choose to come then you have not lost a penny.

The weeks in question are:-

  • 10 – 17 July – for £625
  • 17 – 24 July – for £825 ….. RESERVED
  • 14 – 21 August for £825 …… RESERVED
  • Empty from 31st August for 5 nights – please enquire
When will you reopen?

We have wonderful beaches!

You can find out more about Wales’s rules and regulations with regard to Covid19 and Lockdown here!

We are of course hoping, if it is considered safe, that the tourism industry in Wales will reopen in time for those families with children, who have booked to stay at Old Oak Barn, can have a holiday before schools return in September.

Please email with any questions!