Woodlands at Old Oak Barn

Old Oak Barn woods in JulyWe have managed the 40 acres of woodlands here for 25 years under strict environmental best practice and during that time there have been some new planting areas in 1998, 2004 and in 2012.

The main features include

  • Mainly semi natural ancient woodland in other words there has been a woodland  here virtually for ever.
  • Probably about 1Km of tracks and paths have been put in since 1990.
  • We offer all visitors a 4×4 trip around the woods weather permitting.
  • The main species are Oak, Birch, Sycamore, Ash, Hazel, Wild Cherry and Alder.
  • Old Oak Barn and the farmhouse are all heated with wood from Allt Cwmpalis.
  •  In addition firewood is sold locally which has been seasoned here on the farm for minimum of 2 years.
  • When we renovated the barn in 2004/5 a lot of the timber you will see in it came from our woods including the alder floor and the oak lintels and sills.
  • We have a small log cabin in the woods which serves as a base for the BBQ area.

Bluebells in the woods at Old Oak Barn10309659_633523140050307_8670099507861243165_n







For those interested in more information on the rules and regulations governing woodland owners you can visit Woodlands in Wales for more details!

The pic below shows the Big Blue extracting timber which had blown in the January gales 2014 – work being completed in September 2014.

Woodland at Cwmpalis

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